06 What is a handover protocol?

After you have received the lease agreement, arrange the date for the apartment handover with the landlord, landlady or administration. At the handover, you check together whether Damage in the apartment are present. These are recorded in detail in the arrival or apartment handover protocol.

Important: Also Trivia such as scratches or chipped corners belong in the protocol. Also agree with the landlord or landlady which damages will be repaired by the landlords. At the end, both parties sign the acceptance protocol and you receive a copy. Keep it in a safe place.

There is damage that, despite thorough inspection, you discover only after moving in. In this case, immediately create a detailed list of defects and mention which damages you would like to have repaired. Send the list of defects by registered mail to the landlord, landlady or administration, observing the deadlines (usually 10 to 30 days).

Important: The following belong on the subsequent list of defects all damages. Those that you want to have fixed, and also those that do not bother you further. This will prevent you from having to pay later for damage that was already there when you moved in.

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