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01. What services do banks provide?

  • Here you will find banks in the canton of Obwalden. 
  • Here you will find the directory of all post offices (Postfinance).
  • Here you will find information about all bank locations in the Swiss municipalities.
  • Here you will find more information about the "Bank" of Swiss Post.

02. How can I open a bank or post office account?

Anyone who wants to use the services of a bank or Postfinance needs a Account. 

To open an account, you go to your chosen bank or post office and first get advice on the options. Once you have decided and would like to open an account, you must expel. Therefore, bring your passport and foreigner's identity card with you - and a translation aid if necessary. Allow enough time for the account opening.

03. How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills as follows:

  • Pay-in slip
  • at the post office counter
  • via online banking (computer or smartphone)
  • Payment order (standing order)

The payment period for invoices is usually between 10 and 30 days. If this period elapses without payment being received, companies in Switzerland may send the customer a reminder or even take legal action.
This can result in high costs. That is why it is important to always pay invoices within the deadline.

04. What's the point of creating a household budget for me?

Benefits of a household budget:

  • Order in finances
  • You know at any time how much money you still have available and what planned costs you still have to face
  • Savings targets can be achieved significantly faster
  • Debt avoidance

05. How do I create a household budget?

  1. Making a list of all expenses incurred during the year
  2. Screening together
  3. Comparison with the income arising during the year
  4. If a positive difference arises your budget goes to
  5. If there is a negative difference, you must reduce your expenses (sell the car, move to a cheaper apartment).

Information about creating household budgets, with templates, conversion options and much more is available from the Budget advice.

06. What can I do if I have debts?

Debt can quickly become overwhelming. Seek help from a professional debt counselor. The sooner, the better! Because the longer you wait, the greater the debts and thus the potential difficulties.

Addresses of debt counseling centers, sorted by canton, can be found at here.

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