Young people who have not found an apprenticeship can take advantage of so-called Bridge offerings use. These are transitional solutions with which you can increase your chances and usefully bridge the time until you have found an apprenticeship.

There are various bridge offerings that are geared towards the specific needs of the young people: for example, the vocational preparation year, preliminary courses, preliminary apprenticeships, integration courses or the voluntary 10th school year.

At Bridge offer the young people prepare for vocational training. They gain practical work experience, improve their academic performance and learn about and build on their strengths. They are also supported in their choice of career or in their search for an apprenticeship.

Inquire early from the teacher or career counselor about the offerings in your region. They will tell you what is best for your child, when and how to register, and what the costs are. You can also submit a request for a cost contribution; note the deadlines for this.

The Obwalden Vocational and Continuing Education Center offers bridge programs. Additional information is here to find.

Here you can find more information about Bridge offers and Intermediate solutions.

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