The time of searching for an apprenticeship is very challenging for most young people. In many professions, there are fewer apprenticeships than young people applying for them. So they receive rejections again and again.

During this time, it is especially important for parents to talk openly with their child about his or her hopes and disappointments. Help the child by backing him up and giving him confidence. Make him Courage, Keep reapplying despite the rejections and don't give up. Strengthen the Self-confidence of your child.

You can also help your child from the beginning to Develop alternatives to the desired profession. This is particularly advisable if there are hardly any apprenticeship positions available in the desired occupation or if the school grades are not sufficient for the desired occupation. There are numerous professions that are not yet known to young people. Motivate your child to find a suitable solution with good chances together with the career counselor. The way to the vocational guidance is worthwhile in any case.

Here you will find further information on the Obwalden Education Information Center. You can find more information about career guidance here.

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