05. what cheap offers are available on public transport?

Public transport is very well developed in Switzerland. You can get almost anywhere by train, bus or streetcar. It can be worthwhile to buy a ticket for the entire transport network. Subscription (subscription) instead of paying for each ride individually. The Passepartout is one of many subscription options in the canton of Obwalden.

Useful is also the SBB Half-Fare Card (Swiss Federal Railways). This gives you tickets (tickets) for the railroad at half price. This also applies to most private railroads, numerous mountain railroads, post buses and many shipping lines. With the Half-Fare Card, you also pay only a reduced fare for streetcars and buses in most cities and conurbations.

  • Here you will find information and an online timetable of the SBB.
  • Here there is information about subscriptions and tickets.

Ride in company Children up to 6 years free of charge on all public transport. Children and teenagers at the age of 6 to 16 years pay only half the fare. Very convenient is the June map, it costs 30 francs per year. This means that children can continue to travel free of charge, even if they are only accompanied by their parents or grandparents.

A certain number of discounted day passes for public transport are available to some municipalities. This allows you to travel throughout Switzerland on all public networks for one day. These day passes are very much in demand. Therefore, contact the municipality early if you would like to use such a card on a certain day. Ask directly at the municipality.

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