02. how can my child find an apprenticeship?

Young people must first find out where apprenticeships are offered. Among other places, they can be found on the Internet (e.g. here), on company websites or in daily newspapers.

It can be helpful to make personal or telephone contact with the teaching company at the beginning. Then follows a written Application. Teachers and career counselors show young people how to write an application and what documents to include. Parents should also support their child as much as possible. Tips are also available on the Internet.

Almost all young people - even those with good school reports - usually have to write numerous applications until they find an apprenticeship; because the supply is limited. The chances increase if the young people look for an apprenticeship in several occupational fields at the same time.

You can find more tips for the apprenticeship search here.

Here there is information for foreign language speakers on apprenticeships, careers and work.

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