Language courses are financially supported with up to 70 percent of the course fees supported. For this, you must submit an application for financial support for a German language course after completing your language course. You can find this here.
The application may only be submitted up to 3 months after the end of the course. Furthermore, only persons with Residence permit F, B, C or a Swiss nationality benefit from this support service. Persons with residence status L can also be supported in exceptional cases. For this, please contact directly: Basil Allemann, Tel.: 041 666 61 57, E-Mail:
The Fachstelle Gesellschaftsfragen, your municipalities of residence and the Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum BWZ Obwalden will provide you with information about the financing of German courses in Obwalden.
The Guide offers you a lot of information about the financial support of a German language course.
Courses in Lucerne can also be supported. However, first clarify the financial support with the integration of the Fachstelle Gesellschaftsfragen. 
Information and contact: Basil Allemann, Tel.: 041 666 61 57, e-mail:   

You can find information about the language courses here.

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