11. Wer hilft mir, wenn ich alt bin und nicht mehr alleine wohnen kann?

In old age there are various support services. One of them is Spitex. For example, you can get home help or nursing care from them. Spitex also organizes the fresh meal service: elderly, sick and disabled people get a hot lunch delivered to their home every day.

Also the foundation Pro Senectute delivers meals to the home in most cantons. In addition, Pro Senectute offers many other services for older people. This enables them to live at home for longer. Pro Senectute aims to promote and maintain the independence and quality of life of people over 60. Elderly people and their relatives receive free, confidential consultations at:

  • financial difficulties,
  • legal matters,
  • coping with life crises,
  • of leisure activities,
  • and with housing and relationship issues.

Maybe this help is not enough and you need assistance around the clock. Then a retirement center or a nursing home fits better for your needs.

In which Retirement or nursing home You will live depends on where you live. The Pro Senectute or your family doctor will advise you on the clarifications.

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