People can be addicted to various substances: alcohol, cigarettes or medications such as painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. There is also an addiction to work, food, games or shopping. Or to illegal drugs like cannabis, cocaine or heroin.

Addiction and drugs have Impact on the body and the psyche. Drug addiction can also be a problem for people close to you. Family members and friends sometimes don't notice the addiction for a long time. And when they do notice, they often don't talk about it. That's why it's important to get professional help outside the family.

Because often addicted people can not get rid of their addiction alone. With the Addiction counseling they can look for new solutions together with specialists. Affected persons and relatives receive support and guidance in this difficult situation.

The consultations are often free of charge. The counselors are bound by professional secrecy. You can find addresses at Addiction Info Switzerland. Your family doctor can also recommend counseling centers.

In the canton of Obwalden, the addiction counseling service offers free counseling for residents. The Addiction counseling is located at Dorfplatz 4 in Sarnen, Tel. 041 666 62 56, suchtberatung(at) The consultants and advisors are subject to the duty of confidentiality.

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