You are usually referred to hospital by your family doctor. Reasons for this can be examinations, an operation or therapy. When you are admitted, you must show your health insurance card. At least a few days before admission, you will receive all the information from the hospital by mail: for example, what you need to bring with you and how you can prepare yourself.

The basic insurance of the health insurance companies pays for hospital treatment in the General Department. Health insurance companies offer more expensive supplementary insurance for private or semi-private treatment in hospital. With a semi-private supplementary insurance you are entitled to a two-bed room. With a private supplementary insurance you are entitled to a single room.

There are different types of hospitals. Many cantons have their own public Canton Hospital. This is where your doctor will refer you in the first place if you do not need a special clinic. In the canton of Obwalden, the cantonal hospital is located in Sarnen.

Here you will find further information about the Cantonal Hospital Obwalden.

Here you can get an overview of hospitals in Switzerland. Addresses of specialized facilities such as eye clinics, obstetrics, lung clinics or dentistry are also available there.

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