Health insurance premiums can put a strain on the household budget. There are several ways to reduce the cost of premiums.

Through a high franchise: With a high deductible (maximum 2500 francs), the premium drops sharply. Attention: However, this is only worthwhile if you are not very ill and do not have to go to the doctor very often.

Through a affordable health insurance: Compare the premiums and benefits of health insurance companies with each other, for example here.

Through cantonal premium reductions: People with a low income are entitled to the cantonal premium reduction. This means that the canton pays part of the health insurance premiums. If you are entitled to a reduction, you will be informed automatically by the responsible office (cantonal social security office). You must submit a form for this in due time every year. In the canton of Obwalden you can find this under more info. You can also contact us directly by mail to praemienverbilligung(at) turn.

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