Mandatory is the so-called Basic insurance. Health insurance companies must include every person in basic insurance, regardless of age and state of health. The insured persons are free to choose their health insurance company.

All are included in the basic insurance for the Same power insured. However, depending on the health insurance company and insurance model, this varies in cost. The benefits of the basic insurance include, for example, treatment in a doctor's office and hospital, medically prescribed medication and laboratory tests, psychotherapy and physiotherapy, check-ups during pregnancy, vaccinations, health examinations for children and partial costs for emergency transport. Not covered by the basic insurance are ordinary dental treatments.

You can voluntarily make a Supplementary insurance and have to pay more premium for it. This pays for additional services.

Here you will find a list of all basic insurance benefits.

The Health Guide Switzerland helps migrants to find their way around the Swiss healthcare system. It is available in various languages.

Here you will find more information about health insurance in Switzerland.

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