04 What is the political system of the Canton of Obwalden like?

At the cantonal level, the political system has the same structures as at the federal level.
Again, the distinction in:
Legislature (legislative power): Cantonal Council
Executive (executive power): Government Council
Judiciary (judicial power): Cantonal Court

The Cantonal Council has 55 members. The seats are distributed among the municipalities according to the resident population, whereby each municipality is entitled to at least four representatives.

The Government Council of the Canton of Obwalden has 5 members. It is the highest executive authority of the canton and directs, plans and coordinates the state activities.

The most important parties in the cantonal council are the Swiss People's Party (SVP), the Center, the Liberals (FDP), the Christian Social Party Obwalden (CSP OW) and the Social Democratic Party Obwalden (SP).

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