03. how can I join a club and what clubs are there?

Switzerland is also known as the land of associations. Many people get involved in an association to pursue a hobby together. There are clubs in all kinds of areas: Music, sports, culture, nature and much more. Most of the time, you pay an annual fee to become a member and to be able to use the offers.

Attending cultural events or joining a club are good ways to meet people and learn about Swiss society and the country at the same time. You can also improve your German Improve language skills, expand your network of relationships and are better anchored in the community. In an association you can also new competencies such as computer skills, how to create a budget, or how to organize the distribution of tasks in a group. Such skills can also be important for your professional life.

If you want to know more about an association, it is best to call the indicated Contact or write an e-mail. Most clubs are happy to hear from interested parties.

Various directories of associations for the canton of Obwalden can be found under the following links:

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