If you want to successfully apply for an apartment, you should Prepare well and note some important points:

Apartment tour: In Switzerland, it is customary to make an appointment to view the apartment. Show up on time for the appointment. Make a serious and friendly impression.

Registration form: Fill out the form neatly, clearly and completely. If you find this difficult, find someone to help you fill it out.

Documents: Together with the registration form, you must submit other documents - such as your foreigner's identity card, debt collection statement (available from the debt collection office in your place of residence), salary or unemployment benefit statement, IV or AHV decree and written rent guarantee. On the registration form, you will find a list of the forms that must be submitted.

Cover letter: Your chances increase if you enclose a personal letter with the documents. Refer to the advertisement, briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are particularly interested in the apartment. Again, if you find this task difficult, seek assistance.

Reference persons: Whenever possible, provide references who can provide good information about you - for example, your employer or previous landlord.

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