03. Was muss ich selber bezahlen, was bezahlt die Krankenkasse?

In addition to the premium, you must also pay part of the treatment costs yourself. The participation is called Franchise. You can choose the amount of the deductible yourself. The lowest deductible is 300 francs, the highest 2500 francs. This means: With the highest deductible rate, you have to pay all medical expenses up to an amount of 2500 francs per year yourself. In return, the premium is lower. With a lower deductible (e.g. 300 francs) the monthly premiums are higher. However, the costs are covered if they exceed 300 francs. A high deductible rate (and low premiums) is only worthwhile if you are not very ill.

If your annual medical expenses exceed your deductible, you must pay an additional 10 percent toward the cost, called the Deductible. According to the law, the deductible amounts to a maximum of 700 francs per year.

The cost of Pregnancy and birth is covered in full by the health insurance fund from the outset.

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