Young children need care, nurturing, healthy food, exercise, contact with other children, enough sleep, Security and love. But they also need stimulation and encouragement as preparation for school and later life.

Take Regular time for your child. Tell him a story, sing a song with him or look at a picture book with him. There are also many new things to discover and learn on walks. Also, take your child to the playground often so he or she can play and romp with other children. While chatting and playing, children learn a great deal that is important for their development and later success in school: listening, expressing themselves, observing, orienting themselves, concentrating.

In addition, a well-balanced, child-friendly Nutrition necessary for healthy physical and mental development. Tips for infants and toddlers can be found on the following flyers: German, English, FrenchItalyishPortugueseAlbanianArabicTurkish.

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